Tuesday, July 20, 2010

YCG - A New Approach to Clean Energy and a Call to Action

Welcome to the home blog of Washington's newest, groundbreaking clean energy company, Youngblood Capital Group, LLC!

The mission of YCG is to facilitate economic development by engineering meaningful clean energy projects and growing them into viable businesses. Our objective is to develop a portfolio of clean energy production projects across the globe.

Our headquarters is located in the Woodner building in the heart of the eclectic and diverse Columbia Heights neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC.

We strive to put Washington, DC on the map as a center for clean technology investment and capital market reformation.

Current Activities: YCG is currently developing a community-scale micro-grid pilot project in Washington, DC, to demonstrate the feasibility of local energy independence and advanced Smart Grid concepts using an urban solar photovoltaic power plant that integrates with the existing utility grid. The project leverages a combination of US Federal and District of Columbia financial incentives and a strategic partnership with a consortium of Chinese photovoltaic investors for global supply and US manufacturing.

The company is also developing a commercial scale wind power project to be deployed in Leningrad Oblast, Russia, to capitalize on attractive Federal financial incentives available to facilitate export of US renewable energy technology. The wind farm development effort builds upon a previous project executed by the World Bank International Finance Corporation that established the policy framework for a viable commercial wind power industry in the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, YCG is currently cultivating a partnership with a non-profit consortium of Washington, DC businesses to develop and implement community sustainability solutions and to provide the analytical and transactional services required to facilitate investment in green business initiatives, while minimizing up-front cost to local business owners.

The YCG enterprise is committed to developing and managing community-focused clean technology venture projects and strategic alliances. On a broader scale, we endeavor to transform capitalism in a socially responsible context, connecting clean technology investors with environmentally conscious opportunities, and enabling global progress through advances in energy, food, water, waste, sustainable development, micro-capital markets, workforce evolution, and natural health care. YCG is currently serving the DC, US, Russian, and Chinese markets with expansion targets in Latin America / Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia.

Now, more than ever, we need to transition our energy sources. In the wake of the BP oil spill and in the midst of a global climate crisis, the necessity for clean energy has never been more apparent or more present. The earth needs our cooperation and concerted effort to utilize its natural resources if it is to endure. YCG is committed and determined to engineering new clean energy projects and growing them into viable businesses. This pursuit will prove essential to the earth and the economy in the years to come.

Our company's founder and staff urge you to contact YCG for your clean energy questions and needs.

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Save energy and money with concepts that work for a greener future.

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