Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YCG Founder, Hugh Youngblood

Youngblood Capital Group, LLC Founder: Hugh Youngblood, Jr.

The Founder, Chief Executive, and President of YCG, Hugh Youngblood, Jr.'s education includes a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Tulane University and graduate studies in Reliability Engineering and International Finance at the University of Maryland. Mr. Youngblood's professional background ranges across several fields, including vast experience in Engineering, International Finance, Quantitative Analysis, and Economics.

Hugh Youngblood became interested in the Renewable Energy market as an avenue to disrupt the corporate fossil energy establishment that largely controlled the United States during the Bush/Cheney administration. Mr. Youngblood initiated a concerted effort to conduct market research in the Renewable Energy sector in November, 2008 resulting in expanded interest in a wide array of established and emerging Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Electric Transportation, and Smart Grid technologies as well as other segments of the broader Clean Technology market, such as Water and Greenhouse Gas management. Enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 resulted in generous federal funding opportunities designated for Clean Technology projects, which provided additional reinforcement to Mr. Youngblood's motivation to enter the Clean Technology market space. YCG was founded to serve as a vehicle to develop a global portfolio of clean technology projects ranging in size and scope from community scale to commercial scale.

Mr. Youngblood has also been active within the District of Columbia for the past several years as a community organizer. He lives and operates in the politically charged neighborhood of Bloomingdale and aspires to attain public office in his sparse off-hours from the clean energy venture, YCG.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Youngblood Capital Group Headquarters

YCG is a unique start-up venture. Allow me to introduce you to our office headquarters, here in Washington, DC.

Our office space is located in the ballroom of the Woodner Building on the corner of 16th and Spring Streets, NW. The former hotel is now home to residential, business, and office spaces.

YCG leases the ballroom from ETTE, an IT technical support and small business consulting company that is located within the space. ETTE also serves as YCG's provider of IT services.

The space captures a great deal of natural light and looks out into a surprisingly green area of the city. The serene view gives the staff daily inspiration for the work that we do and the goals we have set to accomplish.

The Woodner ballroom is an ideal space for the all-staff meetings we hold every Monday. Our organization is currently staffed by a team of contract employees and George Washington University master's Degree candidates in business administration, engineering, accountancy, marketing, and project management. The team is establishing a variety of company processes and laying the groundwork for future, full-time personnel.

YCG is currently cultivating a project with the Woodner's operators to develop a solar photovoltaic system (PV system) on the roof of the building.

The system will allow the Woodner building's owners to reduce the volatility of their energy costs. Installing the system also enables the owners' to market the entire building as green, thereby gaining goodwill with eco-conscious renters and customers.

In addition to the workspace and potential solar project opportunities, the building has all the character and quirks you might expect from an old hotel...

Fish tank in the main hallway, quaint private pool, in-house convenience businesses.

All in all, the staff here at YCG considers itself very fortunate to have procured the Woodner ballroom as our company headquarters. The space is as unique and welcoming as the company itself and we are excited for this to be the place for YCG to settle and grow.